Storage Beds 

Space Saving Options

Interiors 2 Suit U as the answer to all of your prayers if you have been collecting more and more junk over the last few years, storage beds  are the solution.

We stock various storage bed options within this section to match what you're looking for.

Our solutions include ottoman beds that work using a gas mechanism, making it easy to lift up the top of the bed frame to reveal expansive space under the bed.

Beds with storage underneath generally have up to four times more storage space than the traditional divan beds.

Storage beds are ideal for smaller places but just as practical in bigger bedrooms.

Storage beds also include bedsteads with drawer options available in upholstered fabrics.

Maximize your bedroom storage and choose from our fantastic bed range.

Please also look at our Divan Bed Range.

You may wish to purchase a mattress to complete your new bed frame.