Childrens Novelty Fire Engine Bed

Do you have a child who’s in awe of large red fire engines,if so this themed bed is a must.
Hanni Fire Engine Bed – This fantastic fire engine bed is made from solid wood and painted in high red gloss.
The bed is decorated with everything you’d find on a real life fire truck!
It comes complete with a red siren light,silver alloys, steering wheel and a fire hydrant.

Top tips for transforming your child’s bedroom:
1) Wall colour: Don’t be tempted to paint your child’s walls in bright fire-engine red (no matter how much they pleads!)
The colour will be difficult to paint over as their taste changes.Instead, opt for neutral walls and choose bright red accessories (such as curtains and lamps).
These can be changed easily to match new themes, as needed.

2) Fire engine bed: While a fire engine bed may be every little child's dream, it’s probably not a realistic option if you have two or three children in the house. Instead a quality bunk bed or a triple sleeper bunk maybe a more viable option.

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