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Floor Standing Bedheads

Discover our beautiful floor-standing headboard range.
Interiors 2 Suit U is a UK specialist in manufacturing bed headboards.
Choosing the correct headboard can instantly transform the bed and bedroom, adding a touch of aesthetic class to a divan's general appearance.
We offer a variety of free-standing bed headboards in various colours, sizes, and styles.
Floor-standing headboards are made, as the name suggests, headboards that conveniently stand behind your bed and are full size from the floor to the top of the board.
These big headboards are manufactured as single, double, king size, and super king size and fit all divan beds.
The fabric upholstered headboards are finished in many colours to give your bedroom décor a sophisticated look.
Some people prefer these headboards as they can be sturdy and will not move as much as headboards with struts.
Floor-standing headboards are secured by placing the headboard and then screwing the headboard bolts through the legs into your divan bed base. (Supplied originally with your bed base).

Once ordered and manufacture begins, fees will be incurred if the customer cancels.

Note: this product is hand-crafted. Please allow for a slight tolerance in dimensions.

Fabric sample available upon request.

An elegant touch is sure to be added to any bedroom with the Ella modern paneled fabric floor-standing headboard.Beautifully detailed and made with fine padded fabric edges, this headboard is a luxurious centerpiece.This glamorous headboard can be customized to match your existing bedroom decor, or ..
Elevate the allure of your bedroom with the Elwood Classic Chesterfield Upholstered Floor Standing Headboard – a stylish addition that seamlessly blends with various bedroom aesthetics, be it traditional or contemporary. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Elwood headboard boasts a..
Discover the perfect blend of comfort and style with the Grace Vertical Panelled, well-padded floor-standing headboard. Crafted for those who appreciate luxurious design and optimal support while sitting in bed, this headboard promises a transformative experience for your divan bed.The Grace Ve..
The Hebden is a beautiful well-padded floor-standing headboard providing both comfort and support whilst sitting up in bed. This sleekly designed generously cushioned headboard will turn your divan bed into a luxuriously comfortable bed. Finished in a luxury Naples Soft Velvet or Malia Plush Velvet&..
 With a panelled design for a very stylish look, the Isabella is a modern, luxury floor-standing headboard.A luxurious addition to any bedroom, the Isabella will be elegant and decadent.A generous amount of padding is provided on this headboard for the benefit of the user when sitting up in bed..
Introducing the Jubilee Upholstered Floor-Standing Headboard - a great way to add a touch of sophistication and glamour to your bedroom. This headboard is carefully designed to be a statement piece, enhancing the overall aesthetic of any room with its well-crafted padded fabric edges and exquisite t..
In any bedroom setting, the Lacey hand-tufted vertical paned headboard will look amazing. With its elegant and stylish design, this stylish bed head will be a stunning addition to any bedroom.The Lacey floor-standing headboard has generous padding for added comfort and support when sitting up i..
The Madrid tufted floor standing headboard is manufactured in the UK using only the best materials which are made to the highest quality standards by trained and skilled craftsmen. This headboard is silky, smooth, and sensuous and is the ultimate in gorgeous glamour. It blends with ease and sere..
The Mayfair fabric floor standing headboard uses only the best materials which are made to the highest quality standards by trained and skilled craftsmen.This headboard is silky, smooth, and sensuous and is the ultimate in gorgeous glamour and looks beautiful with its vertical lines and panels.It is..
The Reeth is a beautiful hand tufted floor standing headboard with clean pleats giving it an added design element. Elegant yet decadent all at the same time, the Reeth will be a great addition to any bedroom. With generous padding this headboard will provide both comfort and support whilst sit..
The Rome fabric tufted floor standing headboard offers a simple, yet stylish design which will perfectly compliment both contemporary and traditional surroundings. Manufactured in the UK using only the best materials which are made to the highest quality standards by trained and skilled craftsmen. W..
Adding a touch of glamour to any bedroom is the Sophia square panneled fabric floor standing headboard.This handmade headboard features fine, padded fabric edges that make for a luxurious center piece.It can be tailored to complement your existing bedroom décor, or it can stand out as a striking fea..
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